indiscriminate acts inc.


we don't discriminate!

all ages & nationalities are welcome

the indiscriminate acts inc. section of the kigouya website is intended for everyone—people of any nationality, any age, etc.—whether you live here in japan or are planning to come at some time in the future, be it on business, to live, or just to visit.

indiscriminate acts inc.


roadtrips !!

some of the events are quite regular & others are one-offs. some of the events & activities are the sole creation of kigouya, others are in participation with kigouya and still others are events created by a variety of producers that kigouya supports. either way, join whenever you can & find out what it's all about.

indiscriminate acts inc.

is all about

exploring & enjoying japan

and we do mean by any means necessary, but most especially through its abundant nature. the emphasis is on relaxing & having fun. let us show you good times while you're in japan.

great moments & memories
we provide opportunities & experiences

there's no obligation—you pick & choose the events you want to participate in depending on your taste & schedule. participation fees are completely transparent, always reasonable & pretty much all-inclusive. the fees are important for covering necessary costs and therefore vary accordingly depending on the event or activity.

you are invited to come along with us to share in the experience. therefore it is important to keep in mind that we consider the many people who join our events to be participants, not customers or guests. we are all in it together with joint responsibility, creating moments & memories that benefit everyone involved. on some occasions you may be asked to sign a waiver to that effect.

we prepare everything for you
just show up & have a good time

that’s usually all that is really necessary.

indiscriminate acts of fun

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no member's fee

the entire website is open to everyone all the time. you can join any of our events, activities or lessons at any of our locations at anytime.

join our mailing list

receive notices before everyone else. just use our questionnaire to provide us with your email address & we'll put you on the list for event  announcements.

we don’t spam, and we never give out our list.

you choose

you decide which announcements you’d like to receive, like onsen trips, camps, home parties, special events, etc.

event calendar

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home parties


camping, hiking, onsen & rotenburo (indoor & outdoor natural hot springs), taki (waterfalls), beach parties, bbqs, swimming, full-moon outtings, etc.