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thanks for coming.

we maintain a database of info on foreigners residing in japan for a variety of clients:

  1. corporate

  2. public sector

  3. npo/charity

  4. other

non-native english speakers are welcome!

the base is always english, but not necessarily eikaiwa (english conversation) or language teaching.

we know there are lots of multi-talented foreigners living in japan who would appreciate the opportunity to communicate with japanese people in ways other than language instruction. we also know that there are many so-called ‘non-native’ speakers of english who have plenty of skills, talent, ambition and willingness to give to the japanese society but are often--unjustifiably & unfairly, we believe--cut out of the english conversation & english teaching world, more often than not because they may not look like a ‘typical’ westerner.

well, this is japan, and we who made this website luv it for all it’s worth, so we’re not here to bash the japanese because of what might appear to be conscious or unconscious prejudices.

our aim is to get foreigners actively promoted in japan for whatever abilities they possess, not just english.

please follow the link to our database questionairre and provide as much detail as possible in order to help us help you be remunerated simply for being who you are.

we are not a manager nor an agent. we are facilitators and we are networkers, using word of mouth and friendly relations to take advantage of opportunities to be paid just for being who we are.

in that regard, we will want to meet with you at least once to get to know you as best as possible face to face. it is not an interview, it is just a friendly chat.

we are definitely not looking just for english teachers, although understandably teaching is the mainstay of many of the foreigners in japan. we want to know anything that you can do, and be as specific as possible, please. the more concrete info, the better.


welcome to our world

opportunities from clique. our aim is to obtain cash for you simply for being who you are:

a talented, gifted, skilled foreigner residing in japan.


the clique teacher database is just one part of the kigouya collection of websites. click the link below to see what else is available to you through the websites.