home garden party!


afternoon home party

from 1pm to 5pm

buffet-style service
beer on tap, chu-hi, liquor & soft drinks
for 4 hours

we prepare everything

it's really not necessary for you to bring anything.

this is real food

this is not a weenies & burgers bbq. this is real food. a variety of western dishes all homemade by tomoko. check the party food photos for samples of past parties (click on the image above).

relax & chat

cafe-style, homey atmosphere. it's a very casual event and therefore a great opportunity to meet japanese & foreigners from all walks of life. these are folks who enjoy being in osaka & in japan & are making a life & a living here. find out what osaka & the area has to offer you.

pictures are worth thousands of words...

check the link at the top of the page or click each photo above for photo galleries of past home parties.

the party purpose

people often ask us why we have regular parties. it is our aim to provide opportunities for you to meet people who are outside your usual circle of friends & relatives & coworkers.

with this in mind, we want you to invite your friends & relatives & coworkers. if everyone does this, then we can all meet each other & expand our circle of friends.


the participation fees are set so that it is slightly cheaper if you:

  1. come again

  2. come with your spouse

  3. bring a new person with you each time

  4. don’t drink alcohol

participation fees:

  1. adult guest = Y4000

  2. adult member = Y3500
    no alcohol = Y3000)

  3. adult member who brings adult guest = Y3000
    no alcohol = Y2500)

  4. student university = Y2500

  5. student high school = Y2000

  6. student jr. high school = Y1500

  7. child under 13yrs = Y1000

  8. child under 10yrs = Y500

  9. child under 6yrs = Y0

notes about participation fees

  1. an adult guest is any adult who is not on the kigouya email list or an adult who is attending a kigouya event for the first time

  2. an adult member is any adult who is already on the kigouya email list

  3. for married couples (members) who attend the party together the joint participation fee is Y6000 (no further discounts)

an example
if it is your 1st time to participate in a kigouya event or activity. 

  1. you join a party either:
    - on your own, or,
    - invited by an
    adult member (ie, a friend who is already on the kigouya email list)

  2. you are considered an adult guest
    - the participation fee is Y4000

  3. at the party
    - you give us your meishi (name card) & join our
    kigouya email list

  4. later
    - you receive our announcements

  5. the next time you join us for a home party
    - you are considered an adult member
    - the participation fee is Y3500 (Y3000 for no alcohol)

  6. if you bring a friend who has never participated in a kigouya event or activity, then you receive a Y500 discount
    - so the participation fee for you is Y3000 (Y2500 for no alcohol)
    - the participation fee for your friend is Y4000 (adult guest)

  7. if you join the party together with your husband or wife
    the joint participation fee is Y6000 (no further discounts)

a variety of dishes:

  1. 1.curries

  2. 2.pastas

  3. 3.salads

  4. 4.stews

  5. 5.fried foods

  6. 6.vegetarian, too!

party info


place  habikino house & garden

location  southeast osaka prefecture

time  1pm to 5pm

style  all-you-can-eat & drink buffet!

if you're interested in attending

one of the parties

click here to send us a message

in the message, please include:

  1. the first names of all the participants
    (incl. children)

  2. children’s ages

  3. adults who are no alcohol (n/a)

  4. which month (or months!) you are interested in attending

we'll send you more information

including train directions & maps

habikino house

each of the images links to a different gallery